2.我最想去的地方英语手抄报 英语英语手抄报

3.小学生用英语介绍中国旅游景点 小学生用英语介绍中国旅游景点手抄报


5.旅游景点介绍英文手抄报 旅游地点英语手抄报





       A succession of beautiful scenery makes one feel delighted.

       A long stay in the same surroundings to make everything the same.

       Routine work often makes one feel bored But if you take a trip or a long journey on your holidays to some scenic spots or historic sites, that will make great difference.

       Travel can widen one’s knowledge. The farther you go, the more you will learn about different politics, economics, customs as well as geography.

       If you travel the whole world some day, you will fully understand the globe on which we live.

       However, too much travel causes tiredness.

       You get on a bus or a taxi, you travel on the train or in a plane, being patient with the hours needed on your mute from one place to another, that will make you exhausted after a while.








我最想去的地方英语手抄报 英语英语手抄报



       I like summer vacation every year. This year I went to Beijing for summer vacation.


       Beijing is our capital. I climbed the great wall and went to many interesting places.


       I had a good time.


       Throughout the summer vacation, I went to Putuo and Xiangshan. I saw the beautiful sea.


       I enjoy walking alone on the beach or swimming in the moonlight after dinner.


       That's really great.




       Gulangyu is a small island of Xiamen. It’s like a garden on the water. Cars and buses are not allowed to drive there,which makes the island so quiet that music played on the piano and violin can be heard.


       Here the sky and the sea clearly meet on the horizon. When standing at the top of the Sunshine Rock,you can see much of the landscape of Xiamen,and when standing at its foot,you can gaze at the beautiful garden that surrounds it.


       Gulangyu produces bananas,coconuts,sugar cane and so on. The people here,warm,simple and hardworking,are making every effort to make the island more beautiful and they hope to welcome more visitors in the future.


       Such is Gulangyu,a beautiful and inviting island,where a warm welcome awaits




       adj. 风景优美的;舞台的;戏剧的

       n. 风景胜地;风景照片


       This is an extremely scenic part of America.



       n. 旅行者,观光客

       adj. 旅游的

       vt. 在旅行参观

       vi. 旅游;观光

       adv. 坐旅游车厢;坐经济舱





       暑假是最好的游玩的时候了,这个暑假你又去哪里了呢?下面是我给大家整理的暑假旅游 英语 作文 ,供你参考!

       暑假 旅游英语 作文200字篇1

       One-day Tour in Beijing

        Beijing is our capital city which is famous for its long history. Now we have a one-day tour plan for you.


        In the morning, you can start the day at the Great Wall. It's one of the greatest wonders in the world. It's so magnificent that you can't go to Beijing without visiting the Great Wall. At noon, you can go to the Summer Palace. There are so many interesting sites, such as Wanshou Mountain, Kunming Lake, Suzhou Street, and some other ancient palaces. So you can climb Wanshou Mountain first. The view on the top is so wonderful. Next, you can go boating on Kunming Lake, and then, walk on Suzhou Street to enjoy the life of regions south of the Yangtze River. In the afternoon, you can go to have a long walk on Tiananman Square, in order to see the city well, and then you can visit the Palace Museum. There you can see different objects of different periods. They are of great value. In the evening, the Front Gate Walking Street is a good place to go where you can buy various kinds of souvenirs and clothes. Most buildings there have the traditional Chinese styles. Maybe you can know some history of ancient Beijing.


        Wish you a nice trip.



       旅行计划 Plan for Two Days in Beijing

        Warmly welcome all of you to visit to China. I hear that you are a Canadian high school students delegation who come to China to exchange learning. I sincerely hope you can have fun in China.


        It's a great pity that you only stay for two days in Beijing that you cannot enjoy every tourist attractions. But you can still visit the attractions of the most representative. Firstly, I suggest you going to the Great Wall, which is the longest wall and one of the eight wonders of the world. It was built by hands only, which seems unimaginable. On the second day, you can visit to the Imperial Palace where you can learn more about Chinese history. It was built in 1406 and there were 24 emperors living in there. And then you can go to Summer Palace or Beihai Park.

        遗憾的是你们只在北京呆两天,不能欣赏每一个旅游景点。但是你们仍然可以最具有代表性的景点。首先,我建议你们到长城,它是最长的城墙,也是世界八大奇迹之一 。它是人工建成的,这似乎无法想象。第二天,你们可以参观故宫,在那里你们可以学习更多关于中国的历史。它是1406年建的,曾有24位皇帝住在那里。接着你可以去颐和园或者北海公园。

        Beijing is a modern city as well as a historic city where there are many places worth visiting. Given the chance, welcome to travel to Beijing in the future.



       With the rapid development of economy, the number of Chinese traveling abroad has increased enormously, which definitely benefits both China and the world.

        In the past three years, the number of Chinese traveling abroad has kept a high growth rate. In accordance with the figures from a survey, there were about 7.5 million people traveling abroad in 1999. In the year after 1999, the number continued to rise. By 2000, it reached 10 million people. And the year 2001 saw an ever-growing number of 12.1 million people going abroad.

        The reasons why the number of Chinese traveling abroad grows so rapidly are just as follows. First of all, after 20 years' reform and opening up to the world, our economy has developed very quickly. Now Chinese have more money in their pockets than before. They can do whatever they want. Moreover, with more spare money in their hands, many Chinese would like to better the quality of their lives by going out to see different people, to hear different ideas and experience different cultures. And traveling abroad is just one way on the list to meet their demands.

        From the above analysis, we can easily draw the conclusion that such an increase in the number of people traveling abroad is reasonable and will continue to prove on a rise.


       I love traveling. Traveling not only broadens my horizons but also opens my eyes to the world. What's more, it refreshes me. You can go to Disneyland and experience what it's like to be “a child again!” You can visit one of the “seven wonders of the world,” such as the Grand Canyon and feel the magnificence of nature! You can taste the “magicial” ice water on a glacier, which can help you become more beautiful and make you live longer. Just forget all trifles and burdens that you have in your mind. Experience is a type of living knowledge. You'll be sure to experience many new things when traveling. You don't even need a tour guide if you long for more freedom. Just don't forget to bring your backpack!


       This summer, my father took our family to shandong.

        Shandong is very far from Shanghai, so want to go by plane, the plane off the ground, I hang on to her mother's hand, the plane flying high, first on a layer of clouds, is on the second layer cloud again, in the second layer on the cloud, I looked up, wow, a no cloud in the sky, the clouds like a pony, cotton, sheep, pigs, etc., on the plane's flight attendant gave me and my brother a person a gift, brother is OTT door sticker, I is a yellow pencil case and a blue pen, aircraft fired two hours to shandong, aircraft operation, I am airsick.

        When we arrived in shandong, our father found a five-star luxury hotel to let us live. We lived in a two-story room.

        Father took on the day we went to the seaside to swim, swim, an uncle gave me a mother, I just don't know is the mother, take back to look for dad, dad said can't take, I will throw away.

        The next day, my father took us to the island to play, shandong has many mountains, we went to the largest island, we played the iron rope bridge, boat and so on.

        On the third day, dad took us to his construction site, and in the afternoon we went back to Shanghai.

        What a happy summer!


       For most people, they will choose to travel during holiday because they want to relieve themselves from the high pressure of work. However, it happens quite often that people often ran into traffic jams on the way to travel. Some people think that we can relax ourselves by traveling no matter of how many people there. Some people would rather to stay in home than going out to travel because they think there are too many people swarm into the scenic spots. In my point of view, I would rather to stay indoors rather than going out to travel. Reasons are listed below.

        对于许多人来说,都会选择假期旅游,因为他们想要从巨大的工作压力中解放自己。但是,在去旅游的路上遇到交通堵塞的事情经常发生。一些人认为不管有多少 人,我们还是可以通过旅游来放松自己。一些人情愿呆在家里也不远出去旅游,因为他们觉得旅游景点的人太多了。就我看来,我情愿呆在家里也不远走出去旅游。 原因如下:

        Firstly, during holiday, so many people swarm into the travel spots that we can't enjoy ourselves to the full. For most people, they want to travel because during holiday, they can have several days to relieve themselves by traveling. However, so many people crowd together will make their tour lose the original fun.


        Secondly, during holiday, price will be rising drastically. It is known to all that you need to spend much more to buy things or taking bus or any other transportation since many retailers will raise goods' price during this holiday to get fat profits.


        All in all, travel during holiday is not a good choice for us since its inconvenience in traveling among a huge crowd of people and also the dramatically hig

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       we love english 英语手抄报






       The scenery of Jiuzhaigou is not only a long fairy tale and picture scroll, but also a profound natural kingdom!

       It is true that there is a treasure like Jiuzhaigou on earth, which is not only a miracle, but also the luck of mankind. No one who has been to Jiuzhaigou is not moved by the look and color there.


       用英语介绍北京的景点 北京的景点用英语介绍


        The the Imperial Palace of Beijing is the imperial palace of the two dynasties in Ming and Qing Dynasties, formerly known as the Forbidden City, located in the center of Beijings central axis. It is the cream of ancient Chinese palace architecture.


        Beijing Palace Museum is centered on three main halls, covering an area of 720,000 square meters, with a construction area of about 150,000 square meters. It has more than 70 palaces and more than 9,000 houses. It is one of the largest and most complete ancient wooden structures in the world.


        The Beijing Palace Museum was built in 1406 in Yongle, Chengzu, Ming Dynasty. It was built on the basis of the Nanjing Palace Museum and completed in 1420 in Yongle, Ming Dynasty.


        It is a rectangular city pool, 961 meters long north and south, 753 meters wide East and west, surrounded by a wall 10 meters high, and 52 meters wide moat outside. The buildings in the Forbidden City are divided into two parts: the Outer Dynasty and the Inner Court.


        The center of the foreign Dynasty is the Hall of Taihe, the Hall of Zhonghe and the Hall of Baohe, which are collectively called the three halls.


        They are the places where the national ceremonies are held. The center of the Inner Court is the Qianqing Palace, Jiaotai Palace and Kunning Palace, which are collectively called the Hou Three Palaces and are the main palace where emperors and queens live.

       求80字英语作文. 内容:寒假即将来临,介绍一个旅游景点,越简单越好.


        Leshan Giant Buddha

        Hello everyone,it is going to be the winter vacation.I would like to give you an introduction to one place of interest,the Leshan Giant Buddha.

        The Leshan Giant Buddha is the largest Buddha in China,towering to 71m,with his 14.7m head,and 24m shoulders.The Buddha's ears are 6.72m long,insteps 8.5m broad,and a picnic could be conducted on the nail of his big toe,which is 1.5m long.

        This carving project was begun in 713 and led by a Buddhist monk called Haitong,who hoped that the Buddha's presence would subdue the swift currents and protect the boatmen.

        I hope you can enjoy the place.






        英语作文  你有一个外国朋友要来中国,请你介绍中国几处景点并说明理由


       Dear friends, do you want to know about Xi'an?_o you want to visit Xi'an with your parents on May Day and national day?_ell you, to Xi'an tourism, is your best choice!_o, listen to me first.


       Xi'an, the capital city of Shaanxi Province, was historically called Chang'an._t is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world, and has a history of more than 3100 years since its construction.


       It used to be the capital of 12 dynasties in ancient China;_he famous Silk Road began here;_he famous Tang Monk's pilgrimage to the West also started from here;_t is currently the largest city in Northwest China.


       The biggest feature of Xi'an is that there are many historical relics and places of interest._s soon as you enter Xi'an, you will see the largest and best preserved ancient city wall of Ming Dynasty in the world._he city wall has a history of more than 630 years.


       It is 12 meters high and 3-6 meters thick than the height, which looks very magnificent._he city wall divides the ancient city into two parts: the city and the outside._he most famous tourist attractions in the city are bell tower, Drum Tower and stele forest museum;_utside the city are the big wild goose pagoda, the small wild goose pagoda and the largest Shaanxi History Museum in China.


       The bell tower is located in the center of Xi'an. It is our landmark building in Xi'an. When it comes to the bell tower, people will think of Xi'an;_hen it comes to Xi'an, people will also think of the bell tower.


       Both the bell tower and the drum tower are named after the big bell and drum placed in ancient times. It is said that the big bell placed on the bell tower is more than 5 tons!



       The Yellow Mountain (黄山)

       The Yellow Mountain is one of the most famous mountians in China.It lies in the south of the Anhui. Every year thousands of Chinses and foreigners pay a visit there. It's not far from here. It takes you get there by bus. You can also go there by train or by plane. While you are climbing the mountain, you can enjoy the sea of the clouds, wonderous pines and unique rocks aroud you. In the early morning when the sun rises, the sky looks very beautiful. It's really a nice place to visit.

       大意: 位于安徽省南部,是中国著名的旅游胜地.每年有大批的中国游客和外国游客前去观光旅游.可以乘汽车,也可以乘火车或飞机去.登山便可以领略云海,奇松,怪石等秀丽的风景及其清晨美丽的日出.

旅游景点介绍英文手抄报 旅游地点英语手抄报




       3、 用马克笔配上彩铅进行上色能让画面显得层次丰富。用马克笔绘画上色大的色调。










       Qinhuangdao is a beautiful coastal city known for its freezing-free nice port, historical town of Shanhaiguan and summer resort Beidaihe. Located in the northeast of Hebei Province with Bohai Sea on the south, Mt. Yanshan on the north, Liaoning Province on the east and Beijing and Tianjin to the west, Qinhuangdao joins Northeast China and North China as a transportation connection in the middle of Round Bohai Sea Economic Rim. Qinhuangdao covers a total area of 7812.4 square kilometers and has a population of 2.73 million.

       In 215 BC, China’s first emperor Qinshihuang arrived in Jieshi (ancient name of Qinhuangdao) on his fourth eastern inspection and sent Lusheng and Han Zhong out to the sea to look for the immortal for him. Qinhuangdao thus got its name. Qinhuangdao is the only city in China that was named after an emperor.

       Qinhuangdao has a long history of tourism. In 1898, the Qing Dynasty government opened Qinhuangdao as a commercial port and made Beidaihe a summer resort for foreigners. Well-known people came to Qinhuangdao from home and abroad in large numbers. In 1954, a great man Mao Zedong stood here watching the sea and wrote the immortal poem entitled “Langtousha Beidaihe”, which made Qinhuangdao known more widely. In 1979, the State Council confirmed Qinhuangdao a class A open up tourist city. In 1984, the State Council approved Qinhuangdao one of the first cities opened to the outside world. In 1998, Qinhuangdao was honorably entitled one of China’s first excellent tourist cities.

       Qinhuangdao enjoys pleasant climate, splendid landscape and beautiful scenery with the Great Wall running through to make a world-known tourist resort. The coastline stretches 126.4 kilometers. Over 40 scenery areas such as the First Pass Under Heaven, the Old Dragon’s head, the Pigeons’ Nest, the Golden Beach, Emperor Qinshihuang’s Immortal-seeking Seaside, Mt. Zushan Scenic Area, Qinhuangdao Wildlife Park and Shanhaiguan Customs Museum, joining up to become a tourist system of the Great Wall, the beaches and ecological tours. The best liked among them are splendid tours of the Great Wall culture, beach holidays, historical surveys, bird-watching, celebrity villas, National Geology Park, mountain sightseeing and sports tours , together with local culture tours of Shanhaiguan Great Wall Festival, Lady Mengjiang Temple Fair, Sea-watching Fair and Changli Dry Red Wine Festival. Shanhaiguan and the Old Dragon’s Head, together with Beidaihe Beach are both elected “Top 40 Tourist Destinations of China”. Till 2003, the National Tourist Administration has granted 4 A titles to Shanhaiguan scenic areas (including the Old Dragon’s Head, the First Pass Under Heaven, Lady Mengjiang Temple and the Horn Hill), Xin’ao Marine World, the Wildlife Park, Nandaihe Amusement Center, Jifa Agricultural Sightseeing Park, Yansai Lake and Longevity Hill, the largest in number in Hebei Province.

       Qinhuangdao has developed sufficient tourist functional services. 56 star hotels, over 400 health resorts, 180 thousand beds for visitors, 78 travel agencies, 96 designated hotels and shops and over 4500 tour buses can well satisfy tourist demands of eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertainment. Qinhuangdao receives over 8 million tourists a year. Tourism has become a backbone industry and a new economic growth point.

       Qinhuangdao is home of fruits well known in northern China. Widely liked are crabs and prawns, Changli grapes, Shanhaiguan cherries and wild Chinese gooseberries, as well as chestnuts and walnuts.

       Qinhuangdao enjoys sufficient transportation. State highways No. 102 and No. 205 and railways of Beijing-Shenyang, Beijing-Qinhuangdao, Datong-Qinhuangdao and Qinhuangdao-Shenyang express railway join in the city. The Beijing-Qinhuangdao expressway shortens the trip to Beijing to only 2 hours. Shanhaiguan Airport has flights to Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and some other big cities. Passenger ship liners are in service from Qinhuangdao to Dalian, Yantai and Inchon of Korea. The developed transport network makes tours simple and easy in Qinhuangdao.

       Qinhuangdao is building itself as a Great Wall seaside park to become a city strong in tourism. A pearl shining gloriously at Bohai Sea coast, Qinhuangdao will offer its visitors more splendid tours and wonderful holidays.











       用英语介绍汕头市中山公园 不要太长 适合手抄报


       Shantou Zhongshan Park is surrounded by water, Yuemei River surrounds the park, and Zhongshan Bridge, Yuemei bridge and Yingchun bridge connect the park with the land in the urban area.

       Yujian Lake in the park covers an area of nearly 100 mu, with beautiful scenery and is famous at home and abroad。










       A Trip To Beijing

       On July 5th my parents took me to Beijing. We stayed at Huabei Hotel. On the first day, we went to the Great Wall. The Great Wall is very long and old. It has millions of bricks. Each brick is very big and heavy. Lots of people from different countries like climbing the Great Wall. We felt very tired when we climbed to the top of the Great Wall.

       We also went to the Palace Museum. The Palace Museum has 9999 palaces. It has a very long history. I bought a lot of souvenirs of the Palace Museum. What nice palaces these are! I visited the Palace Museum and felt excited. If you want to know more about the Palace Museum, you can go to Beijing and have a look.

       The following days, we went to the Summer Palace, Tian Tan, North Lake and Xiang Hill. I now know more about the history of China. I also like modern Beijing. The 2008 Olympic Games will be held in Beijing.

       Later, I went back with my parents by train. I really enjoyed the trip to Beijing.


       Shantou is a coastal city in the east of Guangdong province with a total population of more than 5 million and an area of 2064 square kilometres.It became one of the original Special Economic Zones of China in the 1980s.It has many tourist attractionssuch as beautiful beaches and fresh air.It is one of the most comfortable ciites for people to live in in China.



       Xiamen is a ceam and modern citythere were many tall buildings by the both sides of the street . We visited the Gu lang Islandthe History Museum and the Xiamen University , there were a lot of interesting things in the museum . We also went to the beach . We had great fun therewe played beach volleyball and swam in the sea . We bought a lot of souvenirs.The people there are very friendlywe decided to go there again .